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2017 February Issue

Love Your Back

Whether we’re sitting slumped over our desks, strapping on backpacks that are too heavy or lifting items incorrectly, our backs can take a beating. This February, show your back a little love!

Our body wasn’t designed for sitting, even though we do a lot of that these days—whether it’s at work or at home. Having ergonomically designed, quality furniture that respects our bodies is important.

Though this is probably the umpteenth time you’ve heard this, it bears repeating: if you’re moving something heavy, always lift with your legs, not your back. By letting your legs do the heavy lifting, you’re less likely to strain your back or sustain an injury.

Getting regular chiropractic checks is an ideal way to love your back. Like the preventative value of regularly brushing your teeth, getting adjusted on a routine basis can ensure that your spine is healthy and your back is happy!

Caffeine-free Ways to Kick Start Your Day

That morning java jolt doesn’t have to be the only way to kick start your day. If consuming copious amounts of caffeine is part of your morning repertoire, there are other effective ways to get yourself in gear for the day that lies ahead.

Hydrating with a tall glass of water once you get out of bed wakes up your body. Even better is adding some lemon juice. A small squeeze may yield big health dividends as lemon water is thought to have a variety of benefits such as boosting immunity and enhancing digestion.

Getting your blood flowing by exercising won’t just keep your heart healthy, but boost your energy level as well. Pairing your workout with mood-boosting music is another great way to jump-start your day.

If you’re wondering what else you can do for your body naturally and without drugs, ask us at your next appointment.

Body Aches? Subtract Sugar

If you’re experiencing body aches you may think you have the flu or possibly overdid it at the gym. While that may be the case, something else — something sneaky — may be to blame. Sugar. It has a variety of aliases and is found in many foods.

From a glass of soda to a piece of pie or a bowl of ice cream, sugar-laden foods can create aches in the body due to inflammation. In addition to promoting inflammation, sugar is also acidic. It’s a good idea to avoid acid-forming foods and choose ones that are more alkaline, such as fruits and vegetables.

Dairy and wheat are also thought to cause inflammation, so cutting back on these foods may help you feel better, both mentally and physically.

In addition to eating healthy foods, getting adjusted regularly can help keep your body free of aches and pains.

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