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2017 September Issue

How To Live A Better, Longer Life

Nearly a century ago, the average life expectancy was 54—today, it’s 78, with more people living to 100 than ever before. So what happened over the last 90 years and how can you improve your chances of living a long, active and healthy life?

Improvements in diet, nutrition, water supply, hygiene and health care certainly add a great deal to this story. And genetics have some say, but it is really your environment that determines how much of a say they really have.

Here are some of the things you can do to stay around a little longer:

• Be optimistic—it reduces stress
• Don’t over or under sleep
• Get a pet—animal lovers are less lonely and less depressed
• Develop and nurture close relationships
• Maintain a healthy life—which may include eating right, exercising and visiting our practice for regular adjustments

Time for a TV Break?

Have you noticed changes in your children’s personalities? Do you notice that time seems to slip away from you? Has the contentment and peace you once enjoyed vanished?

Consider the amount of time you and your family spend ingesting major media: especially TV. If you believe as many do that TV is the source of many psychological ills, try a radical concept that’s gaining popularity: Go TV-free for thirty days.

We know that TV leads to poor dietary habits, inactivity (and all the resulting health effects, even an increased risk of juvenile diabetes!), and a host of other ills.

Yet, in our advertising-driven, 24-hour-a-day news cycles, even other forms of media can cause stress, anxiety, and disconnection from our surroundings.

While you may be bored at first—it will pass. Soon you’ll find your family taking hikes, playing games, engaging in conversation, and many more truly healthy activities!

Maintaining Your Fitness on the Road

Travel frequently for business and wonder how you’ll keep that body buff while you’re wining and dining clients? Leaving home, but don’t want to miss your daily aerobic or cardio workout?

Travelers who like to work out encounter these scenarios fairly frequently. Yet many have found ways to keep their exercise routines going strong, no matter where they’re headed – for business or for pleasure! Keep these helpful tips in mind so travel doesn’t interrupt your workout schedule.

1. Pack a swimsuit—if your hotel has a pool, consider changing your routine with water aerobics.

2. Before you book your hotel, try and do research on whether or not they have a gym.

3. Bring comfortable walking shoes—a nice stroll around a new city can double as both an exercise and a learning experience!

4. Check out local fitness classes—some may offer a temporary guest pass or free introductory class.

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