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Chiropractic Adjustments For Whiplash Treatment Near Granite Falls


Are you or a loved one in need of Chiropractic Adjustments For Whiplash Treatment Near Granite Falls? Look no further than Johnstone Chiropractic, we handle all of the insurance paperwork and will get you back to maximum health asap. Whiplash is often the unfortunate result of a car accident where the head is involuntarily and rapidly thrown forward and then back. Sometimes symptoms appear immediately and sometimes it may be days or months later.

Certain chiropractic spinal adjustments can restore the position of individual bones in the spine and re-institute correct movement to promote better healing. Immediate attention provides the most success.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Why do I have hand and arm pain?

Numbness, tingling and pain can result because the nerves to the arm and hand leave the spine through the injured portion of the neck. Lower back pain is also common because of misalignment of spinal curvature.

Why am I having headaches more than a week after the crash?

Your body constantly adapts to the environment. When it reaches the threshold of adaptation, symptoms manifest themselves. This can occur within days, weeks, months or years.

Why does a small collision cause so much spinal trauma?

In a more severe crash, the vehicle typically absorbs much of the energy. In a “fender bender,” the energy is more often transferred to occupants of the vehicle.

Can I prevent whiplash? ?

The only way to avert a whiplash injury is to practice defensive driving skills. All vehicle lights and signals should be operational and you should remain aware of your surroundings at all times while driving.

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