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Chiropractic Treatment For Headaches & Migraines Near Sultan

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Are you looking for treatment or chiropractic adjustments for headaches & migraines near Sultan? Headaches are a common complaint for everyone, but having headaches regularly is not normal. Conventional medicine dictates pain relievers in varying strengths to relieve a headache. At our chiropractic office, we look for the cause of the problem and treat its source.

Most headaches stem from two distinct problems:

  • One is from bones in the spine that do not properly support the head.
  • The other stems from lower back issues.

To compensate for these subluxations, the upper spine adjusts and shifts the head off-center, which can lead to uncomfortable headaches.

Our chiropractic practice has a high success rate in treating headaches. Call us for a private consultation and to learn more about Chiropractic Treatment For Headaches & Migraines Near Sultan!

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Do all headaches come from spinal problems?

No. Headaches are usually the result of emotional stress, chemical toxins or physical trauma or a combination of influences. An exam will help to identify the most probable cause.

How do subluxations occur?

Causes may be due to physical means (slips, falls, repetitive motions, accidents, improper lifting technique), strong emotions or chemical reactions from a poor diet, drugs or alcohol, environmental factors and preservatives in food.

Am I imagining my headaches?

Your pain is real but psychological pain sources are universal. When there seems to be no logical reason for headaches, the issue is typically subluxation.

How long will treatment last?

Results are highly individualized. Some heal quickly while others take considerably longer.

What if chiropractic care doesn’t make a difference for me?

If we cannot locate and rectify your specific health problem, we will refer to experts in other fields who may be of assistance. Our goal is your total health and well-being.

Why didn’t my primary care physician recommend chiropractic care?

In years past, this was common. However, attitudes are changing toward utilizing effective chiropractic care for all types of ailments.

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