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Chiropractor Treatment For Auto Accidents Near Monroe

Chiropractic Care for Auto Accidents in Lake Stevens

Do you or a loved one need Chiropractor Treatment For Auto Accidents Near Monroe? Insurance will often cover the full treatment cost and it’s always better safe than sorry when it comes to your joint and spine health. Even though it may seem that you have not been injured after an auto accident, it sometimes takes a few hours for symptoms to appear. Emergency rooms often release patients after crashes because they have no broken bones. Prescriptions for muscle spasms may be offered for some relief from lingering pain.

Chiropractor care for the often-unseen injuries that result from even a minor crash can effectively address your problems without medication, whether it is back or neck pain or soft tissue damage.

Pain, numbness or tingling in the arms and hands are the result of nerve damage to the neck. Lower back pain can also be an after effect of the trauma. You may experience other pain, such as headaches, even after a week or more.
Your body adapts to the environment in a variety of ways. Chiropractic patients benefit from reduction of painful symptoms and better spinal function. Contact us today for a consultation to see if Chiropractor Treatment For Auto Accidents Near Monroe is right for you.

Common Questions

Why do I have numbness, pain and tingling in my arms and hands?

Your spine is a part of your central nervous system. If your spine was injured during impact in an auto accident, the nerves that extend to your arms and hands may experience numbness, pain, and tingling, even though they may not have been touched during the accident.

Why didn't I begin getting headaches until more than 7 days after the accident?

After your body has been injured or over-exerted, whether in an accident or from stress, the effects and symptoms can take time before they are felt or noticed. Your headaches may come immediately, they may come up to one year after.

Will I ever fully recover?

For the best results and most effective recovery, seek treatment immediately and do not delay your chiropractic visits. Your condition will likely only worsen over time.

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