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Chiropractic is Scientific

Chiropractic is Scientific

“Scientific” is defined as the methodical quest for knowledge and involves identification of a problem, data collection gained via observation and experimentation and testing the subsequent hypotheses. Chiropractic is scientific because it is based on the scientific statement that the body is under the complete control of the nervous system, including every cell, tissue, organ and body system.

Though surprisingly low-tech, a chiropractic approach to illness or injury through spinal manipulation can improve the capacity of the brain and nervous system to regulate and govern the body.

There are numerous studies published that document the effectiveness of chiropractic care on immunity, brain function, improved vision, lower back pain, overall health, asthma, dysmenorrhea (menstrual cramps) and colic.

Those who state that chiropractic is not scientific observe a double standard. Medical economist David Eddy, MD, Ph.D., has observed that 85% of ordinary medical procedures have no scientific source and that only about 15% of medical procedures have been scientifically confirmed.

These include published research documenting the results of chiropractic care on asthma, infantile colic, immune function, dysmenorrhea (menstrual cramps), improving vision and brain function, lower back pain, one’s overall health status and many others.


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