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Ear Infections

Ear Infection, pain relief for ear infections

Many visits to the pediatrician are for recurring ear infections, or otitis media.

Traditional medical treatment includes:

  • antibiotic therapy, and/or
  • surgical insertion of artificial drainage tubes.

A physical examination can determine if the nervous system is compromised, leaving the ears open to infection. The brain stem helps to regulate the nerves of the ear, along with the correct alignment of bones in the upper neck.

Any issue in these areas can lead to ear infections. Drainage can be compromised with abnormal tension in the muscles that support the spine and pressure exerted on the lymphatic drainage ducts.

At our chiropractic practice, we examine the child to determine if there are distortions in the upper spine. If nerve tension is discovered, we gently complete chiropractic adjustments to reestablish normal nervous system function.

All techniques are explained in advance and our approach is safe and natural. Call us today at (425)357-7634.

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