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Chiropractors are Well Educated

Chiropractors are Well Educated

Chiropractors must meet stringent educational requirements to practice today and receive broad training, much as traditional medical practitioners.

As little as a few decades ago, chiropractic education was deliberately limited. It focused on anatomy, natural healing philosophies, body wisdom and specific adjusting methodologies.

Future chiropractors must complete at least three years of undergraduate work that strongly emphasizes the basic sciences before being accepted into a five-year chiropractic college. During the first two years, the science focus continues, with extensive classroom and laboratory studies in biochemistry, pathology, microbiology, public health, physiology and anatomy. Further study concentrates on specializations, including chiropractic practice and philosophy, adjusting methods and chiropractic diagnosis. More extensive training is completed in physiology, anatomy, nutrition, rehabilitation, adjusting techniques, diagnosis and X-ray, as they have no need to learn more about surgery and pharmacology like conventional physicians.


The Grisanti Report

A Comparative Study of Chiropractic and Medical Education

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