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Slipped Disc

Chiropractic Care for a Slipped Disc

Discs in the back do not slip but they can bulge, protrude, herniate and wedge. Chiropractic treatment can help these specific areas of cartilage located between the bones of the spinal column. The discs are attached to the vertebrae above and below it and create the necessary separation of spinal bones so that nerves can leave the spine.

The core of each spinal disc is comprised of a gelatinous “ball bearing” contained by bands of fibrous tissue. Discs that are healthy allow flexibility for bending and turning without pain. The core can shift during improper lifting, car accidents, slips and falls.

  • A herniation is a disc wedging that compresses nerve openings. There may be no obvious symptoms.
  • A protrusion is a bulging disc, like a blister, that causes pressure on the nerves.
  • A prolapse is a rupture that undermines the cushioning and causes separation. Movement is quite painful.

Chiropractic manipulation is a natural solution for many disc problems.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How are disc problems addressed by chiropractic care?

Chiropractic adjustments locate and correct spinal issues that compromise proper function of the nervous system. Since the intervertebral discs are found close to the nerve roots and spinal cord, treatment of discs is common in chiropractic practices. Chiropractic tweaking of the discs can restore normal motion and reposition dislocated spinal bones, lessening the involvement of the nervous system. If treated early enough, disc tissues often shrink to a more standard size, relieving pain and restoring movement.

Doesn’t the normal aging process include disc complications?

No, but neglect of the spine over the years can cause disc problems. Many issues with the spine have no symptoms until they are in higher stages of degeneration. Many elderly patients have excellent spinal function.

How can a disc be injured if I didn’t do anything?

Our bodies are designed to adapt to all types of stressful situations and may do so for years. It only takes a simple task like bending over to trigger pain as the result of the accumulation of years of stress on the spine.
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